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Feel the Real Content Enjoy Interactive print popup from the page. Tap the marker and continue your experience.

About YeppAR

With our superior social augmented-reality application, users will able to make markers for keeping their memories, sharing their memories to world .And brands for connecting their targeted consumers. This application will be open self-service platform for users and brands owners around the world. This will be the new revolutionary medium for converting personal memories into real world through "marker image recognition”. App recognizes memories, products, images and this recognition then triggers a response on a mobile device.



We Build A Number Of Winsome Augmented Reality experience For The Tech Savvy User Of Today.



Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Yeppar is. You have to choose it for yourself.

YeppAR for Work

Yeppar is an Augmented Reality Advertising platform which enables advertisers to compete to display detailed description of their campaign’s through augmented reality, The ad campaigns where augmented reality is used, tend to create a brand connection with the prospective consumers by interacting with them on a sensory level. Hurry up!!

YeppAR for Me

Now you can shoot a photo or video, slip your phone back in your pocket, and augment it with Yeppar. When you have a platform to create a memory and recall them back just by scanning them what are you waiting for!!. Memories won’t just help you save them, it will keep you in the moment so you don’t miss them in the first place.


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