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Yeppar is the world's first visual discovery browser, using augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to transform how you connect with the world.

The Yeppar app uses the camera on your smartphone, whilst the app is enabled, to recognize images through the camera and show on-screen dynamic content on top of what you see 'in the real world' – what the technology industry calls 'augmented reality'.

We use artificial intelligence, computer vision technology and other functionality – including, where you choose to enable it, facial recognition technology – to make this happen. Scanning an item or a person with your mobile device is something we call 'scanning' and the online content we show you around that item or person is something we call 'scan'.

As part of our offering to other businesses, we enable them to offer scan and augmented reality content as part of their advertising and marketing campaigns.

At Yeppar we are working to build a service which is useful and fun for our users and in doing that we are absolutely committed to your privacy. The Yeppar app, the Yeppar websites and related APIs and tools covered by this policy are constantly evolving as we add new features to improve your experience, but our users' privacy remains at the heart of what we do. As the Yeppar app changes, so might the information we use and how we use it. We encourage users to consult this policy whilst using Yeppar and we will notify material changes to it through the Yeppar app.

The technology behind Yeppar is complex, and you can do different things using the Yeppar app, the Yeppar websites and related APIs and tools, so we have tried hard to explain the ways we collect and use your data in a straightforward way so you know what is going on. We may provide sets of FAQs on how Yeppar works and for specific products and features to help you understand them better. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have on privacy matters and how we use your data.

  1. Interesting about our product.

    • Augmented reality this is the technology that combines real world with virtual world. The current world of augmented reality deals with video,2D,3D imagery which is digitally enhanced with computer generated graphics.
    • It is interesting because it gives an additional layer of information on any virtual objects in which user can not only visualize contents but also can interact with them in real time.
  2. The product solution in detail.

    • Yeppar technology and its applicability for maintenance and assembly, training, and safety use cases. Imagine using an smart phone to see an animated 3D model of a machine component (a washing machine), rendered over a real-time camera view of the actual piece of equipment (a agitator).
    • Yeppar solves Delivering accurate visual guidance and reference to the exact placement and steps needed to overhaul a machine could save a field service technician time and allow her to do her job more efficiently and safely. A key use case for AR is to support repair, maintenance, and assembly of complicated equipment.
    • Yeppar has many solutions over Brands interaction, Awareness. For example : [1]Can be implemented on broachers in which user simply has to scan a single page and get whole access as a digital broacher [2]can be implemented on Visiting cards where user can call or mail directly on a click from Yeppar by scanning[3]On brand logo to get information of brand through video content, images etc.
  3. How do customers use or interact with our product.

    • User interacts with a basic User Interface on a smart phone.
    • To use, customers will need to download the App for Android. After launching the app, a smartphone or tablet camera is used to zone in on an tracker.
    • After scanning, the camera wakes up a product which appears in the frame. This can be rotated; repositioned and manipulated I.e a virtual with the real background is shown onscreen.
  4. How our solution will help more customers get online.

    • Using this type of solution helps customer to understand, analyze and get information on the products real time with much less efforts.
    • Using augmented reality technology and AR apps to enrich their customers’ experiences and interactions with brand, to ultimately boost sales.
    • With Augmented Reality, you do not have to invest in physical materials. users can access models from any device at any time, our Customers can study and interact with the print materials.
    • User will have a guide through on how to use the application after he/she opens it on smartphone
    • Using a smart phone, a mechanic making repairs to equipment’s can see superimposed imagery and information in their actual line of sight. The procedure might be presented in a box in the corner and an image of the tool that they would use can illustrate the exact motion the mechanic needs to perform. The augmented reality system can label all the important parts. Complex procedural repairs can be broken down into a series of simple steps.
    • Scan the print with Yeppar App of a particular equipment where you can watch a video about that particular equipment or interact with the 3d content or 2d,open social media link after scan etc.
  5. Smartphone utility and compatibility.

    • Through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Augmented Reality acts like a magic window; through the viewer you can see videos,images and manipulate 3D,2D models. This Augmented Reality app will available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.
    • It is compatible with Android Operating systems.


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Yeppar is an all-time computer simulated reality service provider that had displayed his potential in providing services of AR, VR, and MR. We would love to do the same for your business. Contact us through e-mail and we will revert back to you soon.

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