Reality tech labs are a dedicated space for people to explore high-end immersive technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. These labs or studios are equipped with multiple technologies alongside a range of design platforms, software, workstations, altered headset configurations, and filming instruments to help them experience, experiment, and create innovative solutions for a vast list of industries.

From a lab to experience the power of reality tech to leveraging the tech to create AR/VR/MR powered labs for educational purposes, Yeppar is involved in empowering education with reality technologies. Reality tech lab setups are conveniently made available for educational institutions.

Explore and experience the modern learning method with advanced technologies of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.

AR/VR/MR labs For Education

Reality Tech Lab Setup

Equip schools, colleges, and institutions with Extended Reality lab set up available for educational purposes. Go hand in hand with Yeppar to leverage AR, VR, or MR labs along with hardware and modular course materials.

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Tech-powered educative experience

AR, VR & MR Course

Planning to adopt a tech-powered educative experience? Leverage the benefits of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality to educate your students.

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Immersive solution

XR Solution Development

If you’re looking for an immersive solution powered by reality tech to make teaching and learning exciting, Yeppar develops customized AR, VR, and MR solutions bundled with hardware to make it possible.

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Modern Era Healthcare and Well-Being Tool

With reality tech getting affordable and accessible, it could be used to make medical education, nurse training, imaging, and rehabilitation more effective and efficient. AR, VR, and MR in the healthcare sector can immensely turn around the way of data visualization, advanced diagnostics, and body mapping.

It also improves the quality of patient experience and psychological relief while treatment with reality tech integrations. Virtual reality and augmented reality powers surgery run-throughs and assistance respectively, and also makes medical education and emergency navigation easy and interactive.

VR labs help medical trainees practice surgical procedures on an artificial subject in the virtual environment, along with real-time instructions to help them proceed step-by-step. It guides the trainee to perform the procedure perfectly, and even a faulty step would not cost a life.


Interactive Learning and Visualization in Education

Reality tech like AR, VR, and MR adds life to the 2D objects and enhances realistic visualization. The labs could equip the educational institutions to give their students an immersive learning experience with gamification and interactive modules.

Augmented labs can make subjects interesting and engaging for students to learn even the toughest topics. The advanced mode of interactive education could be leveraged for practical training and to enhance creative thinking.

AR VR labs for colleges are an interesting option to enhance education with reality tech for an interactive learning experience and better understanding. Interacting with the 3D models of hazardous chemicals in an augmented reality chemistry lab ensures the safety of students and needs no attendant to administer the virtual lab.

Reality Tech Educational Labs could be leveraged by

  • Schools
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Medical Colleges
  • Agricultural Colleges
  • Universities
  • Career Centres
  • Skill Enhancement Centres

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  • Educational Institutions
  • Automotive Industries
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Engineering Sector

Key Features

Virtual Lab Assistant

Be it an AR physics lab or a VR chemistry lab, trainees would get real-time instructions from a virtual lab assistant to solve problems. Reality tech helps you upgrade from the conventional training techniques with AR VR MR lab modules, which would execute the need of a lab trainer. Yeppar’s AR VR MR lab setup makes training effortless at your premise with real-time virtual lab assistance and interactive training modules.

Training Optimization

Make learning and teaching interesting with engaging reality tech lab modules to make your virtual lab experience interactive. AR/VR/MR laboratories allow students and trainees to interact with the objects to learn better and save training time. With an augmented reality lab, the students could interact with a blend of real and artificial objects, to perform each step as instructed by the virtual lab assistant to avoid mistakes and achieve the desired results without interruptions. While virtual reality labs are subject to a totally artificial environment, which would optimize the training procedure and knowledge retention.

Access to the Empire of AR/VR/MR Content

Level up education based on the industry with interactive and experimental content to enhance functionalities of your lab, be it augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality. Get access to a wide range of industry-based AR/VR/MR content for the platform to elevate laboratories to make it read-to-train.

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How Else Would You Benefit?

Setup Based Package

Get complimentary trial access to use Yeppar’s AR MR VR Lab solution and experience immersive visualization in your own space. Yeppar lets you enjoy the visual experience on the basis of your industry with the AR VR MR content via the platform so that you discover the futuristic learning methods.

Free Access to Industry based Content

Get complimentary trial access to use Yeppar’s AR MR VR Lab solution and experience immersive visualization in your own space. Yeppar lets you enjoy the visual experience on the basis of your industry with the AR VR MR content via the platform so that you discover the futuristic learning methods.

24/7 Post Setup Assistance

Once the Augmented reality lab/ virtual reality lab/ mixed reality lab is set up at your premise, we offer our customers hassle-free support to keep up the quality experience and content uninterrupted and error-free. Yeppar’s service team keeps in touch with you for updates regarding the interactive experience and content. Our routine system and hardware checkup services help out clients with the AR/VR/MR lab maintenance to keep our customers satisfied.

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