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    Advace Marketing Solution

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    Virtual visit of projects

Yeppar harnessing the best-in-breed computer visions and augmented reality technology simplify and amplify the volume of buy and sell within the real estate industry. With the use of Yeppar, real estate retailers can showcase a panoramic view of their properties and on the flip side, the buyers can have a glance over the minutest details of the property they dream to buy before its materialized in real space.

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Real Estate:

Yeppar putting augmented reality in real estate to fortify the land business by its one of a kind impressions offering convenient and proficient approach to sell or purchase properties for both manufacturers and purchasers. The way AR is getting so conventional for potential purchasers; it's not too early to state that fate of augmented reality in real estate looks brilliant. Putting augmented reality in real estate resembles to convey unrest to the business. By its inimitable attribution, a purchaser can pick best property alternatives and settle on a choice quickly with no scruple.


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Yeppar is an all-time computer simulated reality service provider that had displayed his potential in providing services of AR, VR, and MR. We would love to do the same for your business. Contact us through e-mail and we will revert back to you soon.

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