During Covid-19 Crisis,

Yeppar Extends It Arms To Facilitate Industries.

Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual Walkthrough

Facilitates a captivating and interactive visual representation of your location at the comfort of your home amidst ongoing situation.

Train Smarter with VR

Train Smarter

Intuitive and interactive training at home with VR drives measurable productivity results without endangering the workforce.

Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience during the COVID-19 with a wide range of personalized marketing strategies.

Product demonstrations

Interactive Demo

Provide elevating product demos at home with cutting edge AR/VR technology ensuing viewer-to-product interaction in a unique way.

AR/VR Remote Assistance

Remote Guidance

Without stepping out of your house, guide your partner with AR/VR Remote Assistance in a completely modern way.

Virtual education

Immersive Education

Interactive online education tools to elevate students’ learning experience amid the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

VR in Automotive

Explore The World And Step Outside Your House….Virtually

Amidst the COVID19, countries are extending the lockdown period. During this disruptive time, it becomes impossible to communicate or meet your potential customers. Therefore, the VR tour is the most impactful and useful tool to showcase your facility in all its entirety while building a strong customer relationship amid the ongoing situation. VR lets you tell your story in an enthralling way with continuous customer engagement at the comfort of your home. With virtual reality tours and walkthroughs, you can convey your strength by highlighting the key areas of your location that ensue in an immersive and deep customer interaction experience.

A Deeper & Safer Training Session At Home

Since the COVID-19 can only be stopped by people staying at homes, companies can utilize these difficult times to train their employees. But how do you train your employees without a person-to-person communication? The answer is VR Training. Virtual reality provides a more perceptive and responsive training experience, all at your home, by constructing captivating scenarios that are exact replicas of the real environments. By laying out immersive on-the-job circumstances, VR training enhances the productivity of the personnel, without putting their lives at risk. And while training at home, it significantly helps in inculcating the core concepts of the training profoundly.

Accurate Shopping Decisions With Virtual Try-On

COVID-19 lockdowns are hitting hard on various companies. During these hard times, let your customers make correct and “safe” shopping experiences with virtual try-on technology.

• Streamline the shopping experience of your customers without asking them to come out of their homes, with our cutting edge technology.

• Virtually visualizing and experiencing the product at home, ensues in making accurate shopping decisions that only end up empowering customer relations.

• Lets your customers try and make comparisons virtually with personalized services.

• Showcase even the minute details of your product to the customers, without person-to-person interaction.

In-Depth Product Demos

Staying home and not going out is highly imperative to fight against COVID-19. Amidst the the ongoing circumstance, demonstrate your innovation through VR, and avoid generating public gatherings.

• Introduce your latest products to your customers fascinatingly, at the comfort of their home

• Let your target audience pinch, zoom, and rotate your 3D product models to explore its functions before investing in it.

• Reduce your marketing costs drastically while elevating an interactive brand engagement experience.

• Explain the functionality and benefits of your product with our virtual catalogs.

Interactive Educational Content with Immersive Education

As the world is fighting COVID-19, the ability of VR and AR is clearly visible now. With schools and educational institutions being closed, the educational bodies are leaning towards immersive education and coaching in order to catch up with students’ syllabuses. Immersive education are way better than the traditional way of teachings as these provide an in-depth learning experience to the students. For example, a 3D human anatomy model is much more effective as compared to a 2D image. Also, interactive 3D informational videos and content can be taught effectively, especially during these tough times.

Remote Assistance

Amidst COVID-19, it’s not safe to step outside. Thus, there’s only one way to help provide assistance to your customers, through VR/AR Remote Assistance. Share information and receive instant support from a remote expert without endangering the life. Our solution provides an elevated diagnosis, inspection, and support that empowers your relationship with your customers. All you need to do is, communicate, collaborate, and fix the issues without reaching out at the customer’s place, following the governments’ orders.

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