Health and Safety Training in VR:

Protecting your workers and the safety regulations of your organization requires proper safety training for the workers along with effective and reliable equipment. A well-made training regime helps workers to understand the guidelines and safety measures of the organizations that let them perform their day-to-day tasks effectively whilst being safe and healthy.

We at Yeppar develop training and safety scenarios using virtual reality that delivers a hands-on experience to trainees while maintaining the pre-defined safety standards around the world.

Features of VR training:

Virtual training regimes are a demonstration of knowledge through exercises embedded in each individual simulation. Some exciting features of Yeppar’s VR safety training are:

  • Quality training simulations: Virtual training and safety simulations prepared at Yeppar are made according to the regulatory compliance set by the associated organizations. They deliver appropriate insights to workers about being safe and attentive.
  • Industry oriented service: We develop safety training simulations that suit the working approach of the industry. We develop specific safety scenarios for company related to oil & gas, mining, transportation, construction, manufacturing, military, and many more.
  • Hands-on Practical Exercise: The virtual simulation will allow a trainee to practice various safety measures like setting up of safety equipment, avoiding hazard conditions, and conducting search and rescue operations at a short notice.

Training for organizational safety procedures

Virtual training to promote safety from injuries and diseases among workers of a company.

Evacuation training for catastrophic situations

Simulations that help employees to evacuate safely and quickly in case of an accident.

Training for hazard and disaster management

Training will help the workers to learn ways to easily save themselves and others during disastrous conditions.

Virtual training with rope, ladder, stairways, etc.

Simulation-based training to make the workers learn the proper way to operate with rope and harness.

Communication practice regime for disaster

Training to help people contact and communicate with others after a disaster.

Confined space safety training

training to help workers learn the correct way to work in confined spaces like mines and tunnels.

Fire prevention techniques in VR

Learn the effective and correct way to operate with equipment in order to prevent fire.

Fire extinguishing techniques in VR

Learn to operate a fire extinguisher and extinguish flames in a virtual environment.

Electrical safety training for employees in VR

Virtual simulations to help workers avoid hazards emerging from electricity malfunction.

Hazard prevention from ergonomic conditions

Virtual training to help the workers stay safe from injuries occurring from improper ergonomics.

Virtual forklift and equipment safety

Learn the correct way to operate forklift and other machinery in the industry.

Construction management and safety in VR

Safety training for workers to stay safe at construction sites.

VR introduction for physical and biological health hazards

Avoid physical and biological health hazards through VR training.

Worksite and plant safety

Training regime to help workers stay safe while working in industrial environment.

Hand and Power tools practice in VR

Learn the proper way to operate hand tools in virtual reality simulations.

Demolition and Explosion training

Learn the correct way to demolish a site in a proper manner while minimizing the losses.

Crane and machinery training

Improve skills to operate cranes and machinery correctly by training in virtual simulations.

Virtual training for heavy equipment safety

Learn the correct way to handle big equipment while operating or transporting them.

Virtual Reality for CMS system development

Use virtual reality to develop a fully-functional and feature-rich CMS system.

Fall protection safety training in VR

Be safe in any working environment through Yeppar’s virtual reality training.

Welding, cutting, and brazing training

Learn the proper machining operations like welding and cutting in virtual reality.

Search and rescue training in VR

Virtual training simulations to increase the skills of people in search and rescue operations.

Heavy equipment transportation safety

Learn ways to handle heavy equipment safely while transporting them to different locations.

Tool setup and management in VR

Learn the correct way to set up and manage tools in a different working environment through VR training services.

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