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Digitalization in the pharma sector has accelerated pharmaceutical operations and delivered the required productivity. The addition of impressive solutions to the pharma sector upgrades it with exciting ways to solve problems. With a mug of coffee in hand, continue scrolling to see how Yeppar has transformed pharma businesses with ways of communicating imaginative ideas into reality.

  • Virtual Showroom


    Advance your job by collaborating with Yeppar to obtain top-quality Training and Skill Development in the Pharmaceutical business.

  • Virtual Try-On

    Research and Design

    Implement cutting-edge technology to carry out R&D projects that provide a real-time solution in a 3D environment.

  • Virtual Events

    Plant Operation

    A comprehensive remote platform for effective management, testing, and evaluation of various aspects boosts daily pharma operations.

  • Virtual Events

    Health Safety Purposes

    VR solution increases worker effectiveness while posing no risk to the workplace or staff.

  • Virtual Events

    Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment

    Extended Reality(XR) enables a broad understanding of the surrounding environment, including temperature, external pressure, and other factors.

  • Virtual Events

    Remote Assistance and Guidance

    Troubleshoot technical failures with our virtual assistance solutions in real-time and connect your workforce from everywhere and every time.

Boost your operation's productivity

Optimize organization floor functions with Extended Reality and eliminate disruptions

Quantified benefits
  • Lower manual training by 30%, saving $63 per hour & $1512 daily. Huge amount!
  • Minimize the PPE cost by 75% annually & contribute to saving $954 per employee.
  • Boost productivity by shortening leader's training time, saving $1.3 million in labor.
  • Reduce operational cost by 30%, boosting $41 per hour income saving.
  • Extended reality helped businesses grow revenue up to 5%.
  • 20% reduction in inspection time.
  • Better ROI at an average of three year-177%
  • Estimated Net Present Value- $7.6M
  • 127% of users find XR as engaging content compared to 2D learning.
  • XR escalates field task performance by 40% & limits redesign/rework by 75%.

Yeppar's Next-Gen Pharmaceutical solutions are transforming businesses beyond imagination.

Get exclusive solutions to keep the workforce out of stress.

Our words- A Digitized space for Multiple Pharma Operations

  • Engineered Analysis of drugs like never before!
  • Enhance surgeon's and operator's Training
  • Re-define Plant operations workflow
  • Raise safety Index by enabling VR Headset
  • 360° view to learn Medical Equipment working
  • Engage your patients with ease to deliver virtual therapies

Let's unleash the potential of Industry 4.0 in transforming the working floor of Pharma Enterprises with Yeppar.

General Training–

  • Yeppar's efficient platform aims to empower zero-hazardous situations at the workplace. Execute complex tasks with the highest level of safety standards. Monitor maintenance & operational procedures by training the workforce with VR-enabled technologies.
  • Simplify training procedure to educate employees carrying Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) through VR training simulator. PPE Training Simulator is developed to promote safety and improve healthcare workers' hygienic practices.
  • Leverage the power of AR to optimize Preventive Maintenance(PM) processes. Inspectors are guided through the inspection route using a precise 3D positioning navigation. This saves time, energy, and effort for each passage.
  • With Yeppar's Futuristic technology, problems can be detected and solved instantly. Addition of an immersive module provides real-time updates, keeping the mobility of each operation. Troubleshoot entire operations/procedures at any time without limitations.

Self-taught sessions through MR:

  • View, evaluate, and rehearse medical procedures in a risk-free ecosystem.
  • Medical specialists may use Yeppar platform to instruct students remotely, allowing them to practice and grasp complicated ideas and techniques in an engaging and immersive environment.
  • Explore limitless opportunities by subscribing to the latest responsive platform for learners, practitioners, & operators.

Remote Assistance & Guidance "anytime, anywhere":

  • Real-time virtual assistance to accelerate both the teaching & learning process.
  • Yeppar's experts create custom solutions to link geographically dispersed groups and people.
  • Create engaging and user-friendly training sessions by combining videos with XR guides. Visualize, Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate to expand your reach.

Technical Functionalities

  • Yeppar has a core competency in developing a Mixed Reality(MR) training module to clarify the Troubleshooting cases & scenarios for the Blister Packaging Machine. Operators learn the flow of work through Holographic instructions.
  • Yeppar offers a VR/MR Training Simulation module for Fette Compacting Machine. Training in VR involved learning the flow of panels & their settings. MR training involved preventive and maintenance SOPs. User interaction with a 3D model prototype provides a real experience in the virtual environment.
  • We are pioneers in creating a self-guided VR training application for cleaning & maintenance of Fette Compression Machine SSP2. The trainee learned about dismantling and assembly of the parts to be cleaned.
  • Yeppar’s VR training simulation module CTX pharma tablet machine. Training in VR involved learning design, weight control, Auto tablet rejection, hygienic production conditions, and operator safety.
  • We have demonstrated a VR training module for ZRO90T(Automatic Capsule Filling Machine). The training module emphasizes learning operating sequences and features and gives a glimpse of technical data through the simulation module.
  • Yeppar worked to develop a VR training module for MODU-C MS. Operators will learn safe and flexible capsule production and minimal setup and downtimes during format changes and cleaning.


Yeppar is world’s leading XR technology company delivering innovative projects. We have a rich experience of holding spaces for training, planning, discovering, events, and collaboration. Our distinctive beliefs strongly recommend that immersive solutions contribute to fourth industry technology revolutionizing all purposes of businesses and human life. Stay tuned with Yeppar webinars, videos, blogs, project papers, demo services, and case studies fasting solutions crucial for development.

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The long continuum journey of major brands with reliable solutions is the voice of change bridging the need for dependable technology. Perfect business values are achieved by simplifying the problems with interactive guides, innovative creations, and absorbing stories of success. Major global organizations/ brands incorporate metaverse technologies to establish high-grade retention platforms. We feel proud to be part of this futuristic technology that brands use heavily.

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