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Enterprise Solutions

Integrate clients with world-class augmented, virtual & mixed reality enterprise solutions to create better results and embrace technologies to accelerate transformation.

Microsoft HoloLens 2

For precise, efficient hands-free work

Microsoft Hololens 2 is an ergonomic, untethered and self-contained holographic device. It has enterprise ready apps and numerous customizable capabilities to increase user accuracy and output, productivity and profits.


Average saved per avoided expert trip by using our REMOTE ASSISTANCE SOLUTION.


Training Time Reduction by using SELF GUIDANCE SOLUTION.


Average saved Increase in RETURN ON INVESTMENT


Virtual Reality Solution

For precise, efficient hands-free work

Yeppar specializes in developing B2B Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for businesses across the globe. We create an impeccable virtual environment for industries, training, education, and more. We help businesses create immersive and outstanding visual delights that intensify human interaction using advanced technology. Our experts are well-versed in designing, developing, and deploying VR application for various business verticals. Let us help you create virtual reality solutions to accelerate your business.


Better learning efficiency than physical and conventional training.


Reduction in training time


Reduce the cost of training


Execute the right strategy with digitally enhanced immersive activity.

  • VR Training

    Augmented Reality

    Embrace the futuristic technology for enhancing customers satisfaction and driving meaningful business results collaborating to better team performance.

  • Virtual Experiences

    Virtual Reality

    Explore verisimilitude assisted with immersive technology, creating a 3-D simulated environment that exponentially rationalizes user experience.

  • Virtual Experiences

    Mixed Reality

    Unlock powerful user-engaging features bonding real and virtual worlds and discover breathtaking experiences ahead of imagination.

  • Virtual Experiences


    Enable a safe and secure database to improve transformation and unlock an unparalleled chain system with multiple functionalities.

  • Virtual Experiences

    Artificial Inteligence

    Deliver incredible business insights with a futuristic intellectual toolkit integrating humans with technology.

  • Virtual Experiences


    Automate complex daily tasks and improve business performance through data-driven insights from the IoT platform. With Yeppar, leverage the excellent benefit for your company with IoT.

  • Virtual Experiences


    Trade digitized assets with an assured platform and see your art grow with a wholesome digital connected chain.

Knowledge Hub

Yeppar is world’s leading XR technology company delivering innovative enterprise solutions. We have a rich experience of creating spaces for training, planning, discovering, events, and collaboration. Our distinctive beliefs strongly recommend that immersive solutions contribute to fourth industry technology revolutionizing all purposes of businesses and human life. Stay tuned with Yeppar webinars, videos, blogs, project papers, demo services, and case studies to catch up with fast-pacing extended reality developments.

What our client say



Microsoft Mixed Reality Partnership Program

We have a partnership with Microsoft under Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP)

The Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) is a Microsoft-sponsored, community-driven program for partners that design, build, deploy, and operate mixed reality solutions.

MRPP partners have successfully helped customers in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, and many other industries to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and improve business impact.

Yeppar In Media

How XR Tools Are Transforming Food, Farming, Enhance Efficiency And Safety

Yeppar utilizes AR, VR and MR for field inspections, weather updates and simulated agricultural training.

Global AR/VR in Training Market: Emerging Trends, Major Key Player Yeppar

Some of the major AR/VR in Training players holding highest market share include Yeppar, RE'FLEKT GmbH, InfiVR, VIRNECT CO., LTD..

How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are upgrading the food and dining scene

There’s a rather delicious race featuring technology and food — and the finish line is digital dining. As consumers...

Jaipur-based Augmented Reality Startup

The startup has conceived Yeppar, an augmented reality application with an aim of changing newspapers forever. Viewing a newspaper through the app instantly brings...

Yeppar introducing Augmented Newspaper

Yeppar is uniquely designed to serve the readers of print media to scan and leap through the news with a more life-like experience. When print ads, images or content...

This startup is an augmented reality app for restaurants

Yeppar will be open self-service platform for users and brands owners around the world. This will be the new revolutionary ...

An augmented reality app that will change newspapers forever

With Yeppar, a print ad for a movie is now a playable trailer. What's more, it can also be linked to a ticket booking site, ...

A Startup Driving Restaurant Industry With Augmented Reality

The team behind the development of this unique app has loaded the app with bounteous number of features to change the horizon of dining space.

Yeppar: Augmented Reality for Print Media

Yeppar is just beginning its journey right now. But as it spreads over to newspapers, magazines, catalogs, menu cards etc, it can revolutionize the way we consume print media.

Virtual reality, the new mantra to attract prospective customers

Providing training systems using VR simulation techniques offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional training methods...

Augmented Reality: A Comprehensive Overview

Augmented reality is a new height of technology, providing users with boosted experience towards any object or subject with an additional layer of content.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market is expected to reach US$ 252.16 Billion by 2028

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Forecast to 2028 - COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Technology, Component and End-User Industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market is expected to reach US$ 252.16 Billion by 2028

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Forecast to 2028 - COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Technology, Component and End-User Industry

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Yeppar is a leading innovation-driven technology company having the advantage of building next-generation XR(Extended Reality) solutions for modern industries, enterprises, and businesses.

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