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Augmented Reality Brands

  • Advance Marketing via AR

    Advance Marketing via AR

  • Cost optimization

    Cost optimization

  • Intreactive Gaming and learing

    Intreactive Gaming and learing

  • Offers and discount through AR app

    Offers and discount through AR app

  • Product Tracking

    Product Tracking

  • Product Visualization

    Product Visualization

Augmented Reality:

The Next Marketing Channel

With Yeppar, you can connect your offline marketing channel with an interactive, engaging, and measurable digital
channel. Yeppar’s Mobile AR platform transforms and helps the brands to truly let consumers inside their brand
story. Our goal is to use AR in such a way that it creates an interactive and engaging experience for users
by superimposing digital layers of Videos, 3D animations and additional information.

Brand Marketing

Popularize your product with Yeppar’s Augmented Reality. Augmented reality for marketing is now getting trend in this digital era where you can become a brand name by following latest trends of promotion strategies. Augmented reality for marketing campaigns not only keeps you detach from your opponents but also endow with an advanced edge to cultivate your business rapidly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be ahead in this competitive era, adopt AR for all your marketing strategy to gain solid existence to upcoming market ups and downs. Putting augmented reality for marketing of your brand will definitely differentiate you from others within your business industry.

Brand Activation and

Take a traditional, offline channel and add augmented reality to generate engagement, lower costs, and increase sales. Lead your customers to conversion directly from print and measures that conversion accurately.

Brand Activation and Engagement

Bridge the Gap Between Physical and Digital.

augmented reality for phyical box

Yeppar makes print clickable and measurable. Add a video and a CTA to your ad and move customers to the next step in the conversion funnel directly from printed ads.

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