Augmented Reality Print Media

  • Dynamic Contents

    Dynamic Contents

  • High Degree of Interactivity

    High Degree of Interactivity

  • “Open” and Contextual Information

    “Open” and Contextual Information

  • augmented reality in enjoyment

    “Active” Enjoyment

  • Low Degree of Opacity of Contents

    Low Degree of Opacity of Contents

  • xR application for weather updates

    Multi-Mediality and Cross-Mediality

Augment Printing

Create more engagement and interest in your print article with less paper work by augmented printing. Drive curiosity to your content and make audience to follow you for latest and significance material to their daily diary by augmented printing. Keep your audience more advanced in this digital era with Yeppar’s augmented printing solutions.

xR application for weather updates

augmented reality Brochures

Augmented Reality Brochures such a genuinely enhances the buying process. People often put off purchasing items because ‘they can’t visualise’ the end result. Augmented Reality solves that problem very effectively.

augmented reality Books

Using AR with Books(e.g Textbooks, Graphical Novels) can transform the reading experience of a reader.
Author can reach out their readers in an unique and interactive manner.

augmented reality Books

augmented reality News Paper
& Magazine

From Augmented Reality advertorials to Editorials,combine a range of interactive features and rich 3D content to connect with your audience in new ways using AR.

augmented reality News Paper & Magazine

augmented reality Visiting Cards

With Augmented Reality Business cards, a business card is no longer just a piece of paper but rather a pocket-size resume which allows you to provide much more information than ever before.

augmented reality business card

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