Hybrid Events


Hybrid Events

Let’s make it short and simple. When a physical event is broadcasted online through technologies like webinars, live streaming, or within a virtual environment to replicate the on-ground event in real-time, it becomes a hybrid event. The live event is taken to audiences in both physical and remote spaces, and as it blends in both formats, it is named as ‘hybrid’ events.

Hybrid events can include almost every format of events including Conferences, AGMs, Product Launches, and more. The difference would be just that these physically hosted events would be taking a digital platform as well, to gain vaster exposure.

Combining in-person and virtual event experiences, the hosts can enjoy a global exposure, as the remote audiences can attend to learn and connect, with no hindrances of space and time. Be it during or after the event, take the sessions and activities available to keep the buzz alive.

Blend in trendy digital formats of content to add an essence to the events, their agenda, and purpose. Hybrid events provide vast possibilities to engage audiences with interactive content including presentations, audio, video, and much more. It could help educate the audience conveniently and bring them closer to the agenda of the event.

Seamlessly engage the audience and maximize attendee participation with interactive activities. Features like trivia quizzes, polls, contests, and Q-A sessions keep the audience engaged while delivering valuable information, as they enjoy a unique web-based event experience on any device.

With the capability to tap audiences around the globe, hybrid events can take your event to worldwide participants and can encourage the industry sponsors to be a part of it. As everything from elements of a conventional physical event to all factors of a modern virtual event, the industry leaders can leverage the advanced elements of an event tech fusion for better sponsorship opportunities.

Hybrid event solution from Yeppar is designed and developed to keep track of every attendee’s digital footprint from the moment they register to the second they sign out after the event. Data being tracked includes what they did, the area of the virtual environment they visited, with whom they interacted, the content they shared, liked and downloaded. This database can help the hosts measure ROI precisely and also assists in improvising the event experiences later.

By adding the elements of a virtual event to an in-person event, the hosts can enjoy scalability with hybrid events. The digital aspects of a virtual event taking off geographical limitations to connect more audiences worldwide to increase the probability of lead generation.

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