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Augmented Reality in Automobile

How Augmented Reality is set to revolutionize the Automobile Industry?


We are living in a world where slowly and gradually technology is replacing manual tasks with an automated term, we can take the example to any vertical of life if we believe none of the aspects of life is remaining to be unaffected from technology.

If we start talking about the automotive industry, It is also one of them, wherein older technologies have been replaced with the latest one with more comfort and convenience, and a user is getting the more refined experience of motors.

Augmented Reality in the automobile industry is a new revolution to upgrade the automobile industry as well by its unique feature which transforms the reality with an additional virtual layer which enhances the real-time experience of a user in terms of information.

Augmented Reality has shown a potential towards the automobile industry in various aspects like industrial training, driving capabilities, designing, Repair and much more.

Few of the Car manufacturing companies have adopted the technology and working towards improvement of existing technologies with AR and some of are still waiting to get this technology more familiar and adaptive.

A study characterizes that the car AR market will develop relentlessly at a yearly development of 18 percent by 2020.

Car manufacturing organization BMW has propelled the perception instrument which enables clients to explore various alternatives to its most recent models.

German vehicle producer Volkswagen propelled an application for its extravagance trademark Audi which enables clients to encounter the test drive of the most recent models without being in the car.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Automobile Industry for various segments

Industrial Training

A manufacturer mainly focusing on producing the best product to maintain or make a well-recognized name in their sector. And to remain in the competition, a manufacturer has to put full of efforts to produce quality products wherein best practices are always paid.

Industrial training is the main vertical for a manufacturing company wherein providing training to an engineer is a big challenge for an organization.

Augmented Reality in automobile industry directly benefitting the Industrial Training by its unique and cost-effective programs wherein a trainee can access the training material through a virtual layer of information which can be merged with real training equipment to make them understand the procedure about assembling, de-assembling, repairing and to troubleshoot the problem for a product.

The technology has shown a potential towards the industrial training where the manufacturer is enabled to save the time and cost involved in an Industrial training program.

Product Development

The utilization of Augmented Reality in the automobile industry is never again limited to publicize the product, In actuality, car ventures have embraced AR for a wide variety of various purposes to chip away. Utilizing AR innovation among the planning of a car enables producers to be imaginative and outline the idealized models in a way where they can create it cost-effectively. That means lots of variety of models can be shown, modified and accessed during the early phase of manufacturing thus reducing the cost and time which revolutionize the overall process.

Let’s take an example where VW (A German car manufacturer) utilize Augmented reality to project the virtual data onto the real car models, hence it enables them to analyze the components straight away. The activity saves the time and cost required in the model development just because designs can be approved or disapproved without investing into a physical prototype.

Product Manufacturing

Augmented Reality in automobile industry is playing a vital role while manufacturing a product as it is shown a tremendous result towards the automotive industry while saving time and cost involved in the product manufacturing. An Augmented Model can be easier to understand and making easier the process of assembling a product, thus it is directly benefiting to a manufacturer in saving time, less manpower involvement which leads to direct monetary benefits to an organization.

AR is enabled to give the specialist access to guidelines and manuals that give operational data. While working with the product, any video can be played quickly through the AR framework. It can be utilized as a direction in assembling, enabling experts to manufacture the product without the need of precise guidance or looking through instructional sheets. Since AR is equipped for overlaying the required part onto the part that the professional may get, it can enable the expert to rapidly recognize whether they have the right part by shape and part number.

Repair and maintenance

Earlier or later a technician faces the unfamiliar situation incident that required additional information in terms of product repair or maintenance as an example an equipment that was built or configured on a customer’s request, where lots of customization has been done, while however a technician only having a fair idea about the product but additional information which requires focusing on the unique configuration and maintenance is crucial. Through AR, this information can be placed over the product’s layout and general guidance, adding the service technician is enabled to more accurate, focused faster and safer repairs. In context to above, AR should be adapted as a method to deliver highly effective, time-saving and accurate training. AR delivers just the right amount of specific information by merging the virtual objects with real objects to enhance the real-time experience with an additional amount of information which has used by the technician to augment the prior general information to apply it to repairing task.

The term “Augment” clearly defines enhancement in the process wherein Augmented Reality Technology revolutionizing the automobile industry by its recognition in various other industries to improve the user’s end to end experience towards any object or subject. Acceptance of Augmented Reality in the Automobile industry is taking it to a new era where a user can expect more in convenience, comfort and updated version of automotive equipment as well as it will sooner be a part of daily utilization in different fields of automotive industry which has already defined in this article.

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