Augmented Reality Benefits in Various Industries in India

Augmented Reality Benefits

Augmented Reality (AR) has begun to make inroads into the Indian market in a plethora of industries. As everyone is aware, in the simplest possible terms, AR adds additional things like colors, filters, and flavors to our real word to make it even more interactive. The most commonly used example of AR is the Snapchat app, which is used by billions across the globe. However, Augmented Reality Benefits are well diversified across various industries such as Print media, Real Estate, Automobile, Education, Manufacturing and Training Solutions and Businesses. So, in this piece, we will categorically speak about the various benefits and advantages of Augmented Reality in the aforementioned industries.

Augmented Reality Benefits

Augmented Reality Benefits in Print Media

Print media is the most powerful and easily accessible form of media in the present day. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Hence, in order to offer people more and more information regarding news or a product, print media has taken the help of augmented reality. The readers can now scan particular news or a product with their Smartphone to get complete information about that in the form of images, videos and news. In fact, some companies even allow you to virtually check out the whole product with full functionalities and description. Augmented Reality in Print Media helps an individual in making up mind about purchasing a product while taking the authenticity and credibility of a brand to a whole new level altogether.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented Reality benefits in real estate are vast as it has made the sale and purchase of properties a lot easier. With a single click on the AR tools or AR mobile apps, an individual is able to see all angles of a building while comfortably sitting at home with family members or at the office with colleagues. It also enables them to compare several properties and choose the best one for them. Augmented Reality in Real Estate works far better than photos and videos and it is the best bet when a property is complex as it assists the buyer exceedingly well, covering each and every corner with precision and perfection. AR tech in real estate is also time-saving and keeps the customer engaged as he/she is entitled to change the style, furniture, and surroundings as per his/her taste.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Automobile

Augmented Reality has made its mark in the automotive industry by lending the car designers a helping hand. The AR has enabled designers to virtually design new models instead of working physically. The designers can give various shapes, colors, and patterns. In addition, the engineers now can integrate the same architecture to different engines using Augmented Reality and can easily check the feasibility factor. They can evaluate if a new engine that is yet to be developed can fit under the hood of an existing car. Augmented Reality in Automobiles helps a lot in saving time and money. Augmented Reality benefits can include calculating production capacity as it can be judged by the AR device whether the new machines can be adjusted in the same production plant.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education

Presently, one hardly sees an individual without a Smartphone and it has been reported that over 80 percent of the population own Smartphones with the Internet. As in the case of students, they tend to understand a concept with more ease if they can visualize it in reality, like in the form of a 3-d model or on similar lines. Augmented Reality in Education has made it possible for students to learn and understand the complex diagrams fairly easily. Also, the learning happens in a fun atmosphere as the AR apps are designed in such a manner that it puts minimum pressure on students so that stress is avoided. Augmented Reality benefits come at no extra cost involved as many of the apps are free and can be downloaded from the Playstore with a single click of the button.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and Training Solutions

Augmented Reality in manufacturing and training offers many solutions. Several works such as welding, sewing, and painting require extensive training and AR enables casualty free training and also reduces wastage of material. It provides the trainee’s exact information regarding the engagement with the raw material and thus, saving a lot of material and time. It lets an individual see the object from all possible angles along with hot spots which indicate trouble and critical issues.

Benefits of augmented reality in Business/ Brands

Augmented Reality benefits are numerous in businesses which led to the growth of many folds in the limited time frame. It lets the user with additional information on the product, space, and material in real-time. Moreover, a user can personalize a product as per the requirements and choice. Augmented Reality in Brands helps the customer in saving a lot of money by checking out the product from home instead of visiting the store in reality and consuming time.

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