Augmented Reality Business cards: Better Business Experience

A traditional business card with an aspect ratio of a dimension ranging from 1.43 to 1.8, limits the amount of information an owner imprints on it. With the axiom of’ bigger and better’ getting extended in all sectors, the business world is no exception to it.

In the context of business cards, the word ‘bigger’ isn’t an indication of the size of traditional business cards, rather directs towards increment of content that’s offered. There’s where augmented reality business cards live up to the trend, creating a supplementary layer over the business cards. With an elementary know-how of AR technology and popular AR apps like Yeppar, any business owner can turn their business cards into smart cards, providing a gateway to their business undertakings.

How augmented reality works?

Augmented reality known to make explicit to implicit, allows a real- time blending of the computer generated images in form of videos sounds, graphics with the physical world by means of suitable computer interface. Inducing AR technology with the traditional business cards would not only escalate the reach but would surely promise better business experience. AR business cards support the business owners to transfer more information about who they are, what they sell, how they manufacture, what differentiates them, customer reviews, and why us? Not limiting the scope to merely the information transfer, AR business cards give a unique opportunity to communicate and interact with your customers as well.

Features of Augmented Business card:

  •  Overlays additional information:

With traditional cards bounded to share some basic information like owner’s name, company’s logo, address, contact details, website and e-mail address, the AR business cards hold immense potential to share much about your company, your product ad product catalogue too. In essence, Augmented reality business cards can act as a small window to your business, exhibiting all that works in your best interest.

  • Saves cost and space:

With Smart devices AR technology used for displaying digital elements of AR business cards, both space and cost are cut down along with enhanced transparency and wisdom. It eliminates the need for physical prototypes of almost everything from brochures to catalogues and much more.

  • Enhances communication:

With features like’ click’ to connect, the communication between the firm and the target audience have narrowed down, increasing the chances of turning them into potential customers. An animated version of you yourself popping out and making a pitch can make a lot of difference for your own business.

  • Higher rate of market penetration:

AR technology has already aflame much of attention owing to its uniqueness and simplicity, as an outcome of which one can expect a massive acceptance of augmented reality visiting cards, helping the businesses to reach to large customer base.

  • Futuristic concept:

AR technology is yet in its nascent stage, promising a perpetual growth and augmentation. The early adopters of this technology can take the benefit of antiquated passion centered across AR business card and beat the competitors.

Whether people select browsing manually through your websites or brochure or seek help from AR apps like Yeppar to go through the catalogues, websites by dint of AR business cards; still needs a time, to come to any conclusion.

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