Make your branding campaign more effective with AR

This year has surely witnessed some unique and unbelievable AR apps that have surprised the folks to a great extent. But, surely, it’s not the end. With AR being a multidimensional and wide technology, its application seems to become time-honored.

Much of the fame is accredited to some tech-savvy giants who have adopted AR technology in some of the most innovative and rewarding way. From industry’s well- known names like PepsiCo to IKEA and IBM and many others, they all have orchestrated the AR technology within their instrumentality to add value to their branding campaigns and have become the buzz in the town.

This article will dwell onto how and why the corporate can make their branding campaign more effective with the incorporation of AR along with citing some examples of the firms who have already accomplished the same.

Why embrace the AR technology into the branding campaigns?

Branding, Marketing or Advertising the names may sound different but the aim remains the same, letting customers know about your products/services. With the beginning of’ information era’, a more transparency and wisdom in any domain can attract masses and that’s exactly what AR promises. By overlaying an additional layer over the real world, AR promises to engage the customers to profound more than ever before. The checklist below gives a good reason as to why one must amalgamate AR for branding:


  • 3D visualization: Increased visibility and scale are what AR assures to offer. With more content been pondered by AR technology, the firms can take the benefit of forming strong alliance with the clientele. The 3D visualization, the key trait of AR, let’s the consumer unleash more.
  • Inexpensive: Digital marketing is much famed for mainly being inexpensive and far-reaching. Having to advertise the products/services over other platforms like magazines and TV drains much of cost and effort. AR offers a combination of higher interactivity and lower cost.
  • Immersive: AR establishes an emotional link between the buyer and the products, as it allows the users to imagine the same in their own world. Just what ‘try before you buy’ slogan means! Thus, AR let the brands engage to a more immediate and deeper level ensuring brand loyalty and promotion
  • Mobility: ‘Shop anytime anywhere’. ‘Get anytime anywhere’, ‘Find anytime anywhere’, these few tag lines evidence the level of mobility AR assures to offer from PC to laptops and the most recent Smartphone AR apps, one can avail anything at a click away.

Having pinpointed how AR can bring a difference in how people connect and interact with their surroundings, it’s clear, how the corporate can take benefit of these traits for making their branding campaign more efficient. With all the excitement around AR gadgets like Oculus Rift and Google glasses, the opportunity is right in front to imbibe the AR technology and place oneself at a merited position.

Yet, another psychedelic campaign raised by Dabur in partnership with Yeppar has changed the landscape of how a simple FMGC product in a dining space look- like, rather feel like. Having added life into a milliliters cardboard pack, Dabur with the inclusion of AR logo, has altered the way, how kids rejoice and sip the product down the esophagus pipe with joy.

Extend the reach of your endorsement with an additional small-screen companion (AR app on Smartphone’s). Let you customers know you better at the stretch of one click. With AR in branding campaigns ‘Offer more earn more’ is what works ideally.

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