Augmented reality for restaurants

augmented reality for restaurant

How can Augmented reality for restaurants business be the game changer for the industry?

The restaurant business has dependably been an evergreen kind of business. Time to time eatery entrepreneurs have upgraded their method for advertising and embraced the advanced patterns to expand the deals.

However, the way restaurant industry shaped up is actually the makeup you can say as the owners started working on interiors and exteriors meanwhile well dressed up waiters were also a part of restaurant marketing so that a customer can be comfortable while visiting the restaurant.
But the current scenario is differently moving towards digitalization of everything in human life wherein something which is related to digital aspect in restaurants can be more advantageous to grab customers attention.

Today we will let you know about the potential of augmented reality for restaurants business wherein how this technology can be utilized to serve the customer with more entertaining and engaging content in the restaurant industry.

Augmented Reality is not only limited to entertainment, as most of the crowd having a perception of augmented reality that it’s only a part of entertainment just because of Pokémon Go influenced the entire industry by its popularity with the assistance of augmented reality.

Today we are going to discuss its benefits in food restaurant industry that how augmented reality can become a game changer in restaurant industry-

Current Scenario:-

Currently, we are following the mouth publicity in term of selecting a restaurant or hotel but don’t know how the food will be really tasty or how it looks.

We are having only 4-5 names of restaurants while choosing for any night out or party just because of no alternate without knowing any other aspects like location, offers & discounts, new recipes, etc.
There is no option for entertainment while waiting for food.

You can only assume the recipe before it served to your table.

There are no alternatives to boost your restaurant business until you provide the best food and wait for the customer to tell about it to their friends and family members to popularize the business but in this case a customer should be fully satisfied with the quality of food as well as overall experience of the restaurant like waiting time, staff behavior, proper location, offers, and discounts etc.

What is Augmented Reality?

Word “augmented” means “enhanced”. Augmented reality is influencing the way we see or react to the real environment; it creates a virtual layer of additional content in the real world in term of the image, video, animation, GPS data etc.


yeppar restaurant offers


So how can a restaurant incorporate augmented reality?

Augmented Menu cards

An Augmented menu card will be more happening while ordering through boring traditional paper menu cards where a customer can see their food before they order it.

Augmented Reality for the restaurant can be a big move for the industry which can not only transform the industry obstacles but also it can help to retain existing customers with higher retention rate.


Augmented Menu card


Customer tracking and business promotion

A Restaurant brand used to be ahead in this competitive era where they required a fully functioned website and a mobile app. Where users could order their food, see relevant information like food menu, store location, offers, and discounts etc.

But what if a customer takes an advantage by downloading your mobile app. And point in a direction and find the nearest location and information like the menu and current booking & waiting time etc.

And what if they could see a promo appearing about the offers and discounts by visiting the store and the offer is for a limited period and even it is available for upcoming half an hour.

This is taking geo-fencing push notification which works when a customer comes in geo-location which has been set by a brand for the customers who are traveling within 500 meters or 700 meters near to the restaurant.

Such kind of advanced approach can be beneficial for them to attract the customers with lots of curiosity for customers as well as for the marketing of your brand.


restaurant tracker app



Introducing augmented reality for restaurants will not only useful for the customers while ordering the food by augmented menu but it can also offer gaming experience for them to engage while waiting for food and can be an additional revenue rivulet for the brands by utilizing the augmented reality for restaurants.


entertainment app restaurant


Why Yeppar?

Yeppar’s augmented reality for restaurants can assist you to overcome from your business issues and you can achieve your business goals by adopting Yeppar’s imaginative shrewd solutions for the restaurant industry.
The way food and beverages industry is growing, the brand needs to have a propelled edge to lead the market as the food industry is dependably a most loved industry which actualizes the most recent slanting to contend. It is dependably tuff to receive the more current innovation however who embrace the most recent forms will dependably be leeway to rival different its adversaries.
Most of the consumers are now overhauled their self at digital platform wherein it is required to grab their attention digitally. The days have gone now where banners and signposts were enough to attract the customers.
Augmented Reality for restaurants brings real-life experience for consumers on their Smartphone or tablets which engages customers on the go and opens different marketing channels for restaurant entrepreneurs.
Now in this era, the industry needs to upgrade otherwise who will adopt the newer technology will lead the industry and will be the leaders in this segment.
Yeppar is a leading in providing augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality solutions to the industry with its commitment towards revolutionizing of all the perpendicular of business.

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