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We aim to build engaging solutions to cater to the needs of the Aluminium processing plant and improve processes at the cost of AR, VR, and MR.   



Significance of Plant training in Virtual Reality


After the onset of Covid-19, the pace to shift to virtual training has accelerated worldwide. Demands for AR, VR, and MR have quickly increased to assist in training personnel to do their tasks. For example, Processing plants have implemented Digital Engineered solutions to train and optimize their workforce to improve soft skills, system operations, and product development at each stage. As a practical example, Yeppar has developed a Gas compressor training module to train workers in VR for our associates. The trainees were given step-by-step instructions on how to operate the compressor plant by presenting a virtual view and all trainees got immediate feedback when they made mistakes. With VR, training time was reduced to 20 minutes from 7 hours, with no drop in productivity. Such benefits of VR in terms of cost and impact have made it a game-changer for industries. This blog aims to raise awareness of VR-enabled learning experiences for gas compressor operations to improve working skills that increase productivity and safety in handling emergencies and dangerous situations.

Virtual Reality: A effortless way to learn procedures

Compressors are mechanical devices that raise the pressure gauge of gases or liquids by dropping down the volume passage through the compressor. A gas compressor plant is an assembly installed at processing stations to pump the compressible fluid at longer distances and reduce friction losses.

Over the past two years, the race to digital journey has reached the next level, with more companies adopting automation to revamp manual excellence and boost employees’ safety and overall floor assembly.

Many companies are using Immersive virtual zone to increase workers’ safety and prepare them to combat any hazardous situation. This zone uses Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and Mixed Reality technologies to enable the gesture-based training module of the Gas compressor unit, thus ensuring a powerful, engaging, and safe learning experience for the workforce. 

This virtual reality training aims to offer a virtual walkthrough and demonstrate how a gas compressor works, a key component of a power plant and a potentially hazardous region. This VR training will also assist users in grasping the GRMS, MOV skid, and gas compressor process layout/workflow, operational activities, and handling crises and risky scenarios.

The trainee will be able to experience the different components of Gas Compressor station through Virtual Reality training:

Virtual Walkthrough & Overview of Gas Receiving & Metering Station (GRMS)

  • Better Understanding of basic components of Gas Receiving & Metering Station
  • Including Knockout Drums, Pressure Reducing Station, Flow meter, and Gas Boilers
  • A continuous and fair analysis of quality and quantity of gas transferred
  • Empower new workers to learn each activity at a different speed
  • Get a performance evaluation module to check the performance index

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A pioneer in XR Technology, Yeppar is now a Microsoft Mixed Reality Program Partner

MOV Skid(Motorized Operated Valve)

  • Understanding Motorized operated valve through animations
  • Virtual Walkthrough of Motorized Operated Valve (MOV) skid components and distribution
  • Streamline critical functionalities with the quality assured outcome
  • Discover a frequently used checklist for hazardous or remote environments
  • Impactful Long-term knowledgeable platform

Gas Compressor & its Components

  • Virtual representation of the components & process workflow of a gas compressor
  • Virtual-model control features of Centrifugal compressor working
  • Complete equipment training understanding
  • Make maintenance operations frequent and quick
  • Analyze each industry process in detail to boost final results

Discharge Gas Cooler & Oil Cooler

  • A better understanding of the major components & process workflow of gas & oil coolers
  • Investigate the challenges and opportunities in operating a Gas cooler
  • Depicting the visually unseen parameters of the above unit
  • Impacts and consequences of failure in some instance
  • Virtual experience functionality with variable parameters


  • Develop learning of pipeline maintenance activity
  • Visualization of control valve and their function
  • Control different parameters related to isolation valve and drain valve
  • Vent valve operation, maintenance, and repair to ensure smooth functioning


VR is the perfect medium to train and assist workers in handling hazardous workplace conditions. Developing a Virtual Reality training and learning experience for operators engaged in Gas Compressor plant can transform the movement of operations smoothly. 

Such virtual participation aims to build a platform for developing the right learning opportunities for all!

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