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An annual general meeting is a meeting among the companies, associations, or organizations, their members, and stakeholders, where they discuss business, report results, and vote on resolutions. Taking AGMs virtual with a convenient platform allows you to keep up your meeting to the mark and keep the attendees safe in the new normal.

Yeppar’s virtual AGM platform offers a range of features from attendance tracking, user audits, online polling, real-time video streaming, content management, user engagement activities, and much more.

The hosts of the virtual AGM can leverage an entire custom branding for the virtual environment. The organizations can design a company-specific theme for the virtual event and allow their investors and stakeholders to present their brands in the meeting, to deliver a totally customized experience.

The organizers can invite and remind the participants conveniently in several cost-efficient ways when you are hosting it on a virtual AGM software. With a personal database created by the organizers, the invitations and reminders can be linked to the same, so that it goes in time to the stakeholders and members.

The participants can register online with ease and can have immediate access to the information with the digital management of an AGM. The platform also supports the tracking, and auditing of components to meet the requirements of the auditors and government authorities. Yeppar allows the organizers to track the front and back-end elements alongside an elaborated report of every transaction on the network and system.

Annual General Meetings are an important event for any organization as their crucial role in knowing stakeholders’ opinions on several decisions and resolutions. Virtual AGMs provide a democratic voting structure to make voting and polling convenient and sophisticated to be used by the attendees. With the advanced virtual AGM models, the hosts can utilize features like voting rights, proxy voting, and more. Attendees could easily vote with just a few taps on their smartphones or the dedicated website of the virtual AGM. The results are quickly available at the backend and the detailed reports can be shared with the participants instantly.

To make the content management strategy ideal, the hosts should timely share relevant content with the stakeholders and members. The hosts can upload the documents quickly so that the participants could download the docs and media files to enable faster communication. The participants and members can use this feature to share information anytime before, during, or post-event.

Yeppar offers an integrated professional video streaming facility to make pre-recorded videos and live sessions within the Virtual AGM conference calls. The hosts can configure the streaming setting according to public or private to provide authorized access to members to attend sessions and presentations. Also, multiple video sessions are hosted at the same time on the virtual AGM software.

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