Virtual Conferences

Plan, organize and host world-class online web-based conferences. Businesses and companies can digitally connect with attendees, organizers, speakers, and sponsors from around the globe to remotely communicate in an immersive virtual environment.

Yeppar has come up with a virtual conference platform to build effective engagement with interactive digital content and features to showcase the comprehensive elements of a conventional physical conference. For instance, an event can have live speakers, virtual conference rooms, and real-time product demonstrations. Dedicated networking lobbies and live chat options allow convenient individual and group communication for teams and professionals connecting from different locations.

A conference is basically a meeting of professionals or teams who discuss a specific topic or agenda. From conference rooms, workshops, lounges to breakout rooms, and interactive features like video conferencing and one-on-one chat fulfill the purpose of virtually hosting a conference. Virtual briefcases allow each attendee to take-away information in the form of business collateral like cards, brochures, and more.

Why Adopt Video Conference Solutions?

With the new normal coming in the post-pandemic age, virtual event solutions are empowering enterprises for corporate communications with online meetings, webinars, conferences, and more. Companies are taking critical contingency plans to keep their teams, employees, attendees, consumers, and sponsors safe and healthy from this global crisis.

Event marketers are taking the support of virtual conference solutions and platforms for the future, to make it an important chapter of their hybrid event strategies. It would be incorporating virtual interactive features along with in-person communication methods. As virtual events are the current savior for corporates and event marketers, you will be witnessing it as a complementary for on-ground events for better engagement and coverage.

Before organizing a virtual event, you may need to understand and identify what kind of virtual experience you are planning to deliver to the attendees. Virtual experiences are designed and developed out of the box of the conventional conference format. Here are some of the major types of events used by organizers to engage and to communicate with the attendees with an effective brand voice.


A conference is an ideal way to bring together consumers, professionals, and industry experts to learn and celebrate achievements. You can reach a wide audience by virtualizing annual meetings and user conferences, and it also allows your teams to engage and interact with the participants.

Features like live Q&A sessions, chat, and networking lobbies, create a new virtual experience for the attendees to participate and interact efficiently.

Roundtables are to deliver one-of-a-kind in-person experiences to a limited group of participants. Likewise, a roundtable in a virtual environment would be allowing hosts to shortlist or curate their list of attendees to give access to exclusive content for a decisive number of attendees.

Hosts can ever provide them a customized virtual experience by classifying the event into smaller groups and a moderator for each group in every breakout room.

Keynote sessions create an aura for a conference or a summit including storytelling, future forecasts, and perspectives which could help strengthen the main topic and your event’s message. You can strengthen the speakers’ message of your virtual event by adding the strong essence of storytelling and more with keynote sessions, to take it digitally to a larger audience.

Getting the virtual stage prepared with photos, graphics, and logos is essential to make your keynote content effective. The added media content will add a professional essence to the virtual experience.


Virtual networking events are the best way to bring together professionals during social distancing for any relevant industry-specific topic with live panel discussions. With two or three leaders in the live panel and a moderator, it could perfectly recreate similar post-work networking activities usually occurring during the workdays.

While a speaker is on board, let a second person host a live Q&A session to continually engage the participants. Give shoutouts to your sponsors to get a bonus point. Attendees can also access a live chat to add their comments during the session.

To create a huge yet affordable team-building experience, a virtual internal conference as an employee appreciation event is an exciting option to involve each and every team in an organization. The virtual experience can incorporate fun learning activities, games, and even meditation, as inner peace is essential for working professionals. With Yeppar’s virtual conference platform, you can add a more human element to the virtualized employee appreciation event. Digitally deliver them a happy hour and organize creative quizzes to keep everyone engaged to have a fun-filled time.

Be it an event for an external audience or the internal audience, it’s crucial to introduce the virtual event and its functions to them to make the most out of it. Virtual events make communication convenient and engaging with multiple tools for intense interaction and much more.

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