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The upgraded virtual exhibition platform from Yeppar provides a global reach for the exhibitors, alongside flexibility and a plethora of branding spaces to please your sponsors. With ultimately interactive exhibitor booths and a wide range of content formats, engage the homebound attendees with plenty of digital features.

Yeppar offers customizable virtual booths allowing the customers to creatively design their spaces with ultra-modern promotional settings. The highly configurable booth designs let the exhibitors showcase their products innovatively so that they get maximum attendee engagement.

Interactive chat tools allow dual-channel communication strongly available for the attendees so that they could converse with the exhibitors, hosts, and even with fellow attendees. Chat and video call functions at the digital booths allow them to conveniently share information, with no distortions. Build engagement and efficiently clear queries to bring attendees close to the exhibitors and their showcased products.

Offering a cart to add products they wish to buy, the virtual exhibition software could add more convenience for the attendees to make their choices and take time to make their decision before they opt to purchase it. They can conveniently add items to the cart as they walk through the virtual exhibition environment and consider the stored products to purchase later.

Gamify your virtual exhibition to boost engagement, with fun elements like custom trivia quizzes to help them retain knowledge from the event. Host leaderboard competitions for the attendees to win points based on their activity at the event and reward them as you conclude the event.

As you take your exhibition virtual, it is globally available for users across the world, and adding a localization effect by making the event available in multiple languages would make it conveniently accessible for users from different regions.

With a dedicated dashboard and analytics, Yeppar’s virtual exhibition platforms make life easy for the hosts by delivering them detailed reports to track their success during and after the virtual exhibition. The analytics includes figures like the number of visitors, the number of chat room interactions, and the number of performed transactions.

Get virtual support anytime during and after the virtual exhibition to keep your event uninterruptedly going, with no worries to face as a host or for the attendees connecting with you from different corners of the globe.

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