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Virtual Fairs

A virtual fair is an online event based on the web which enables organizations to put up digital booths for connecting with business delegates, customers, students, job seekers, or other communities based on the type of fair it is.

Varieties of virtual fairs include virtual career fairs, virtual education fairs, virtual benefit fairs, and many more. Virtual career fairs are hosted for employers to recruit the right ones from the job seekers for the vacant roles, whereas virtual education fairs help students find the programs they’re seeking to pursue.

Impress attendees with a catchy landing page that reflects your brand, event, and the audience to build interest to sign up to get maximum attendance. Designing a page that goes well with the event and its audience is essential to build the interest of attendees and to capture registrations. Take important details from attendees on the registration forms and use the collected data to personalize content and nurture leads during and after the event.

The virtual environments are amazingly designed with eye-pleasing elements like realistic detailing, interactive exhibitor booths, 3D avatars, and more in a visually immersive event. The virtual environments are mobile-friendly, would be conveniently navigatable, and requires no downloads, but all it needs is an up-to-date browser. Let us know how you need your virtual lobbies and booths to be customized.

Take over your attendees’ minds with multiple formats of engaging content including photos, videos, presentations, coupons, and more. Offering them a virtual briefcase, they could easily save informative collaterals to their device for further reference.

Depending on the fair, real-time portals for admissions, vacancies, and more can be made available for the attendees to find the right spots for themselves in the environment rather than virtually roaming around every exhibitor booth. Allow your exhibitors or vendors to search and extract the perfect candidates for their institution or organization based on search filters and preferences.

Convenient communication between the attendees and vendors is made possible with live chat tools. They could easily connect with the text, audio, and video chat features provided for each booth. Power up your real-time conversation with features to take-away notes and profile tags to help organize candidates in education and career fairs.


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