Virtual Reality Showroom

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Virtual Reality Showroom

YeppAR’s Virtual Showroom makes it easier for enterprises, brands, and various industries ranging from Manufacturing, Automobile, Fashion, Textile & Garments, and a plethora of others, to showcase their products & information in a way that grabs the attention of their audiences. While virtual reality is thriving, it's still a complex solution for enterprises. And that’s where we fit. Our innovative VR Showroom Solutions cut through the clutter and attract people worldwide. Right from the designing stage, to its deployment, and maintenance, we proffer an extensively managed 360 Degree Showroom empowered by stunning 3D replicas of your products and services elevated by photographs, videos, & other media.


Uplifts your overall web presence by fascinating the visitors


Revenue Magnet

Multiplies your leads with engaging visuals


Confidence Stimuli

Interactive 3D Replicas raising your customer interest levels


Discover Possibilities

Click & move interface navigating the visitors


Virtual Avatars

Digital presenters assisting visitors


Impact Revolution

Provides a catchy brand experience


Instant Demonstrations

Real-time product demonstrations wooing your customers


Comprehensive Reach

Accessible to your customers around the clock


3D Virtual Reality Showroom goes above and beyond in selling your complex products remotely. As customers require an in-depth insight into complex products and parts before making the purchase decision, our Virtual Showroom Solution lets you showcase your products extensively while enabling your customers to examine them. It becomes a lot easier for manufacturers to convert prospective buyers into successful customers if they can educate them about their products drastically.

Virtual showroom for Manufacturing
VR solution forAutomobile


Nowadays buyers select and purchase vehicles mostly online by gathering all the technical information about it eliminating the need for consultation. Without travelling and wasting their crucial time, they get all the necessary information remotely. Our VR solution allows brands to showcase their brand history, their future endeavours, displays all the car models and ranges while highlighting the lavish interiors and their dimensions, safety measures, navigation systems, and a plethora of other neoteric plus points.


Go beyond the conventional catalogue view and let your buyers immerse into your outstanding collection via our 3D Fashion Showroom. High-resolution 3D replicas of your apparel are highly engaging and thus attract the attention of your buyers substantially. Our elevated approach brings life to your products and enables buyers to view them from various angles. 3D Apparel Showroom is also tagged with dynamic fashion-show videos that boost the overall experience of the buyers. This infuses a level of confidence among your buyers to make purchase decisions quickly.

3D Fashion showroom
Virtual Reality Jewellery Showroom


Our Virtual Reality Jewellery Showroom help luxury brands to provide an immersive interaction between their buyers and their products. We create hyper-realistic 3D replicas of jewellery products that are elevated through visually stunning digital environments. Our high-class 3D Virtual Jewellery Showroom provides a higher conversion rate through immersive product integration and strong storytelling. We have always intended to increase the customer experience to another dimension. By dint of our Virtual Showroom, customers can select, zoom in, and study the information and multiple aspects of the products in a memorable way.


We are the pioneering VR Showroom Service Provider in the furniture sphere. Our solutions provide an emotional and immersive experience to buyers by revolutionizing the way they engage with furniture designs. Visitors can explore numerous furniture designs in a captivating environment, while significantly studying the dimensions, fabrics, the colour combinations and other multiple aspects. The whole virtual experience empowers and inspires the visitors to explore new ideas and thus they end up buying the whole lot.

Virtual Reality Furniture Showroom

VR Showroom Characteristics


Remote Approach


Diverse Versions


Innumerable End-Users




Computer Systems (WIN/MAC)


360 View

Together We Can Get Your Virtual Product Showroom Ready!

Yeppar’s virtual showroom platform is paving the way for a new era of the selling process. We create highly interactive and captivating virtual showrooms to showcase your products in a way that elevates the personalized shopping experience of your customers. Our VR Showroom solutions are available on Android, Windows, MAC, Oculus and HTC Vive.

VR Showroom solutions on Android, Windows, MAC, Oculus and HTC Vive

Constructing A Realistic VR Environment

We create customized rooms and line sheets for each of your buyers and make them experience and understand it all from the big picture to the minute details. From trying out different configurations to exploring strong solutions, we make you feel as if you are hands-on. Let your clients access your products remotely while you touch new heights of sales. Our engaging interactive tools and robust analytics capture your audiences’ attention profoundly and drive them towards a buying decision.

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