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Take your trade shows to the virtual space to level up your trade show, for immensely engaging prospects and build buzz around your brand or company. With a variety of useful features to leverage, the events could be powered by customizable exhibitor booths, chat forums, on-demand content, and more to flaunt your brands effectively.

As it is a fact that the first impression is the best, it is essential to impress the visitors with an effective landing page. Designing a page that goes well with the event and its audience is essential to build the interest of attendees and to capture registrations. Take important details from attendees on the registration forms and use the collected data to personalize content and nurture leads during and after the event.

Let your worldwide attendees be carefree as they walk through the virtual environment and explore products from various exhibitors, without any worries of crowded venues and traveling. They need no particular browsers or downloads to enjoy the immersive virtual event experience, be it on their smartphone or a desktop.

Add a splash of your brand all over the virtual environment with dedicated custom aesthetic elements including colors, logos, and more. Take along your virtual event on your brand’s portfolio to connect the prospects from around the globe with ultimate branded elements to create your identity.

With a diverse range and digital formats of content, you can engage, inform, and educate attendees with images, videos, presentations, 3D product demos, and more, to convert prospects conveniently. Make content take-away easy for the attendees with a virtual briefcase tool that would allow them to save collaterals on a drive or their device.

Add convenience for your attendees to purchase products during the event or after it. Let them browse through the exhibitor booths and add products to the cart, and take their time to decide on what to be bought. Exhibitors can have access to real-time updates in terms of purchases to fulfill the purpose of the event.

Let the visitors know what is being bought and added to the wishlist by fellow-visitors to identify the products and their purposes. This data is convertible to add marketing value to narrow down product demand and personalized buying information, to repurpose and launch campaigns post-event. This would help in recognizing the intent of buyers and easily convert leads into customers.

Open up clear communication channels with multiple options that allow connecting the visitors to the reps in real-time using text, audio, and video chats. Another function of group chat allows the rep to engage multiple visitors at a time to easily answer queries and doubts to easily nurture prospects.

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