Virtual Mirror Technology in Fashion Industry

Virtual Mirror Technology

Science & Technology have played an indispensable role in easing human life through various innovations and advancements. Such one innovative technology is Virtual Mirror technology, which is developed by the amalgamation of RFID technology and augmented reality. One of the most common and simple examples of this contemporary technology is that an individual can try new clothes without undressing. In addition, color and sizes can also be changed virtually without putting on clothes in the real world.

Virtual Mirror Technology

Virtual Mirror is also defined as a device that displays an individual’s reflection open standing in front of it. Several retailers have deployed Virtual Mirror technology in the trial and dressing rooms of their outlets in order to provide buyers a next-level experience. The process is simple: a buyer needs to bring the apparel in front of the mirror so that it can be scanned. Once the scanning process of apparel is completed, the mirror superimposes it over the image of the individual’s body. Hence, the individual can his/her body with the selected clothes and evaluate it suits him/her or not.

The foremost advantage of Virtual Mirror technology is that all the movements made in the real world by the buyer are reflected in the mirror with the set of new clothes. Furthermore, the light setting can also be adjusted as per the convenience of the individual and different times of a day. Thus, the VR Mirror technology gives the user a brief regarding how the outfit will look on his/her body without physically wearing it. As for the retailers, it helps them immensely in multiplying their sales and income as a result of hassle-free engagement with the buyer.

The retailer can also store items in it which are yet to arrive. They can also send a reminder on the buyer’s phone as to when it will be up for sale. It is fairly evident from the past few years that clothes are one of the items that people tend to try before buying. This is the biggest hurdle in online apparel sales but with Virtual Mirror technology, it has been reduced to a great extent as now the buyers can visualize particular apparel before ordering and buying it eventually. In this technology, the intuitive gesture-controlled user interface captures the motion of the user through the virtual mirror.

Harnessing the Augmented Reality to its fullest, the Virtual Reality Mirror technology is gradually making its way to several places in the Indian market as well. Besides clothes, even sunglasses, lipsticks and makeup products can be visualized through this revolutionary technology. There are many options to allow you to try clothes virtually by simple wave & swipe gestures. While checking the clothing virtually image of the shoppers can be superimposed onto the mirror. The virtual mirror gives the user an opportunity to make better decisions.

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